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Kurukshetra University announced th Two days National Workshop on Ion Beam Induced Growth and Engineering of Materials

About the Workshop
Department of Physics, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra is well recognized for its research activities in the area of Materials Science. In recognition of this, the Department has been sanctioned a major research
project by DST, New Delhi. Among other facilities a state-of-the-art 200kV Ion Accelerator has to be
installed under this project. The process related to procurement of the Accelerator is already under progress and the machine is likely to be delivered in March 2014. This machine will be housed in a specially designed newly constructed two story building provided by the University. After its installation Ion

Accelerator will be available as a Central facility. This upcoming facility will be of great use for the Physicists as well as other Scientists in diverse disciplines working in various Universities/Institutes to undertake a wide variety of frontline research.

The aim of this two days National workshop on Ion Beam Induced Growth and Engineering of Materials (IBGEM) is to acquaint the researchers with the upcoming facility and to have thorough discussion on the current areas of research in various fields of study using Ion Beams. This will help in the optimum utilization of the facility immediately after its installation. Program will comprise of invited talks, plenary discussions, research presentations etc.


Organizing Committee
Lt. Gen. (Dr.) D. D. S. Sandhu Patron
Vice-Chancellor, Kurukshetra University
Prof. M. S. Yadav Chairman
Prof. Shyam Kumar
Dean R & DProf. S. C. MishraProf. R. K. Moudgil

Prof. Sanjeev Aggarwal Convener

Dr. Fakir Chand

Dr. Rajesh Kharab

Dr. Annu Sharma Secretary

Dr. Suman Mahendia

Dr. Manish Kumar

Dr. Hardev Singh

How to Apply
National Advisory Committee
Dr. P. V. Bhagwat, TIFR, Mumbai
Dr. R. K. Bhandari, IUAC, New Delhi
Dr. S. Chopra, IUAC, New Delhi
Prof. B. N. Dev, IACS, Kolkata
Dr. V. Ganesan, UGC DAE CSR, Indore
Dr. D. Kanjilal, IUAC, New Delhi
Prof. G. K. Mehta, IUAC, New Delhi
Prof. D. Mehta, PU, Chandigarh
Dr. K. G. M. Nair, Kalpakkam
Dr. P. Singh, BARC, Mumbai


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