Revised Schedule of B.ed paper due to HTET Examination

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It is hereby notified that due to HTET Examination to be held on 31.08.2015, the Dates of B.Ed Practical Examinations for the session 20 14-2015 have been revised as under:

Original Dates of Examinations:31.08.2015 to 02.09.2015 Revised Dates of Examinations:01.09.2015 to 03.09.2015.

Copy of the above is forwarded to the following for information and necessary action:-

1. All the Principals/Directors/Chairpersons of the B.Ed Colleges/Institutes,

Affilaited/Maintained by Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.

2. Administrative Officer (Secrecy), KUK.

3. Deputy/Assistant Registrar (R-IIR-IIIR-III), KUK

4. PA to both Controller of Examinations-I & II, KUK

5. Head, AEMC (IT Cell), KUK with the request to upload the same on the University

website for information of the students & Colleges/Institutes.

6. Director, Public Relations, K.U. Kurukshetra%with the request to issue a Press Release in

this regard.

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