Date Sheet for Practical/Viva Voce Examinations of BIM 2nd & 3rd Year (Distance Education)

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Date Sheet for Practical/Viva-Voce Examinations of BIM 2nd & 3rd Year(Distance Education) to be held in August 2015.

Centre for Practical Examination:-Directorate of Distance Education, KUK Centre for Viva-Voce Examination:- University School of Management, KUK



Class Subject Date Time
1. BIM 2nd Year Computer  Application 10.08.2015 9.00 A .M onwards
2. BIM 2nd Year Viva -Voce 18.08.2015 12.00 Noon
3. BIM 3rd Year Computer  Application 10.08.2015 9.00 A.M onwards
4. BIM 3rd Year Viva-Voce 18.08.2015 12.00 Noon

Note:- Regarding grouping and other details candidate should contact the Director, Directorate of Distance Education & Chairman, University School of Management, K.U Kurukshetra.

Copy of the above is forwarded to the following for information and necessary action:-

  1. Chairman , University  School of Management, K.U . Kurukshetra.
  2. Administrative Officer (Secrecy), U Kurukshetra.
  3. Assistant Registrar (D.E), KU Kurukshetra with the request to intimate the date, time and centre of examinations of the above practical examinations to all the concerned
  4. Assistant Registrar (R-I), He is requested to intimate the concerned students.
  5. (Theory), K.U  Kurukshetra.


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