Date Sheet B.Tech Engineering VII Semester (Textile Technology) and (Automobile)

KUK Date Sheet

Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra announced Date Sheet of  B.Tech. Engineering (Textile Technology) (New Syllabus) VII Semester and B.Tech.Engineering (Automobile) VII Semester on 11-12-2013

Date-Sheet for B.Tech. Engineering (Textile Technology New Syllabus)VII Semester

commencing w.e.f. 24.12.2013.

Time of Examination: 2.00 P.M. onwards (EVENING SESSION)

24-Dec-2013 TT- 401A: Technical Textiles I (New)
30-Dec-2013 TT- 415: Fundamentals of Management (New)
2-Jan-2014 TT- 417: Advanced Chemical Processing (New)
6-Jan-2014 TT-425: Process Control in Spinning (New)

TT- 405A: Process Control in Chemical Processing (New)

8-Jan-2014 TT- 433: Process Control in Garment (New)

TT- 435: Process Control in Weaving (New)

Date-Sheet for  B.Tech. Engineering (Automobile)VII Semester Examination commencing  w.e.f. 20.12.2013.


Time of Examination: 2.00 P.M. onwards (EVENING SESSION)

20-Dec-2013 ME-403E: Measurment and Control (Common with Mechanical)
24-Dec-2013 AE-401E: Mechanical Vibrations
30-Dec-2013 AE-405E: Vehicle Body Engineering
2-Jan-2014 AE-425E: Precision Engineering

AE-427E: Process Planning and Cost Estimation

AE-429E: Flexible Manufacturing Systems

AE-431E: Marketing and Sales Management

ME-437E: Maintenance Engineering (Common with Mechanical)

6-Jan-2014 AE-415E: Automotive Aerodynamics

AE-417E: Hybrid VehiclesAE-419E: Tractor and Farm Equipment

AE-421E: Modern Vehicle Technology

AE-423E: Vehicle Design and Data Characteristics

NOTES : 1 On getting a question-paper and before answering it, the candidates must check up and ensure that they have been supplied with the correct question-paper.  If the question-paper is not correct they should bring the same to the notice of the Invigilator.  Complaints in this regard after the examination shall not be entertained.

2  Electronics gadgets such as pagers, Cell phone and Programmable Calculators etc. are not allowed in the Examination Hall.

3  No extra answer-sheet will be provided.

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